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Our Commitment to You

We are committed to the safety and upholding the rights of all people who engage with our services, including children, young people and people with a disability. Our policies give us the framework to do this.

We are registered with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission as a Provider of NDIS services.

Our NDIS Registration Groups (Click to View)2021-01-04T16:20:47+11:00
Name Group Number
Group/Centre Activities 0136
Specialised Supported Employment 0133
Participation in community, social and civic activities 0125
Household Tasks 0120
Development of daily living and life skills 0117
Assistance with travel/transport arrangements 0108
Assist-Personal Activities 0107
Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transitions and supports 0106
High Intensity Daily Personal Activities 0104
Assist Access/Maintain Employment 0102


If you are an NDIS participant, you may be able to pay for our services from your NDIS Plan.  We can help you work this out.

Our charges are in accordance with the NDIS Price Guide. and include the Temporary Transition Payment (TTP).

The TTP is a payment paid by the NDIS to allow providers to continue to offer quality services during the transition to the NDIS scheme.  It is funded by the NDIS as part of a participant’s plan.   This is explained more on the Participant’s website.  If you need assistance working out how this fits into your plan budget, please get in touch.

As a registered NDIS Provider, we must meet certain requirements to ensure the quality and safety of our services:

NDIS Code of Conduct

The NOSS Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics complies with the NDIS Code of Conduct.

Under the NDIS Code of Conduct, providers and workers must:

  • act with respect for individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination, and decision-making in accordance with relevant laws and conventions
  • respect the privacy of people with disability
  • provide supports and services in a safe and competent manner with care and skill
  • act with integrity, honesty, and transparency
  • promptly take steps to raise and act on concerns about matters that might have an impact on the quality and safety of supports provided to people with disability
  • take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to all forms of violence, exploitation, neglect, and abuse
  • take all reasonable steps to prevent sexual misconduct.

NDIS Practice Standards

  • There are 10 Practice Standards. They include:
  • rights of participants and responsibilities of providers
  • governance and operational management
  • the delivery of supports
  • the environment in which supports are delivered
  • high intensity daily personal activities
  • implementing behaviour support plans

Feedback, Complaints and Compliments

NOSS has a robust system for responding to and managing feedback and complaints.

Please talk to us if you have feedback, would like to make a complaint, or give a compliment.

You may bring a complaint to anyone in NOSS, such as a support worker, manager or the CEO. Can call the office, or use our online contact form. We will work with you to find a resolution.

Other organisations which may help with your complaint

Advocacy Tasmania
Phone: 1800 005 131

Anti-Discrimination Commissioner

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Phone:  1800 369 711

National Disability Complaints Resolution & Referral Service (CRRS)
Phone: 1800 880 052 (free call) National Relay Service: 1800 555 677 Tel Interpreter Service: 131 450
Fax: (02) 9318 1372

National Disability Services Abuse and Neglect Hotline:
Phone:   1800 880 052

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission:
Phone: 1800 035 544 (free call from landlines
Text Telephone (TTY): 133 677
National Relay Service and ask for 1800 035 544

Filling in a Complaint Contact Form: www.ndiscommission.gov.au

phone (03) 6343 2022

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner:
Phone: 1300 363 992
Email: enquiries@oaic.gov.au

NDS Member   We heart NDIS


If you need support to access NOSS, or help to raise an issue, the following free external Advocacy Services are available:

Tas Advocacy
Call: 1800 005 131
Text: 0457 806 963
Email: contact@yoursaytas.org

Call: (03) 6343 2022
Email: launceston@speakoutadvocacy.org

Our Policies

Our policies align with the NDIS Code of Conduct and Practice Standards. They are to ensure that the way we operate provides high quality safe service. Key policy statements are listed below.

Client Consent Policy

NOSS recognises that gaining informed consent is extremely important, such as during the design and implementation of individual programs.

All clients or their nominees are requested to sign consent forms authorising NOSS to collect and release certain personal information in order to safely provide a quality service. Information regarding collection and release of information can be found in the NOSS Privacy Policy.

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The purpose of this policy is to apply a code of conduct and professional ethics to the workplace consistent with the mission, values, and objectives of NOSS.

It covers topics such as:

  • Working with clients
  • Maintaining Personal and Professional Boundaries
  • Duty of Care
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Standards in the Workplace

Client Decision Making and Choice Policy

NOSS recognises that each person with a disability has the same rights as other members of society to make and actively participate in decisions which affect their lives in relation to the services offered by NOSS.

NOSS is committed to empowering clients to play an active role in decisions that affect their lives and to make choices for themselves:

We will:

  • promote the role of advocacy in decision making processes and welcome the input from family members, or advocates to support the individual.
  • actively support open and effective communication between clients, staff, NOSS Management, the Board of Governance and other key stakeholders.
  • inform clients about the opportunities for choice available to them
  • support clients to make informed choices which will provide them opportunities
  • keep records of client preferences regarding their service
  • enable clients to build self-reliance and maintain social inclusion

Client Transition and Exit Policy

NOSS makes every effort to meet a person’s needs and preferences relating to their support.

NOSS acknowledges that all people who have a disability have the choice and control to change the delivery of services at their own discretion, including exiting from NOSS. If NOSS in unable to continue support for a client, the guidelines in the policy document apply.

NOSS is committed to providing clients with information and support through the process of transition or exit from NOSS services.

Human Rights Policy

NOSS is committed to developing an organisational culture that supports the legal and human rights of clients and ensures they are able to exercise those rights as outlined in relevant legislation, including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2007.

NOSS aims to uphold the rights of people with disability to access supports that:

  • respect their individual freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making
  • respect their individual culture, diversity, values and beliefs
  • protect their dignity and right to privacy
  • enable them to make informed choices, exercise control and maximise their independence
  • are free from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation
  • respect the evolving capacities of children with disabilities and their right to preserve their identities.

Individual Needs (Support Planning) Policy

NOSS is committed to person-centred supports and recognises the rights of each client and supported employee to supports that:

  • are appropriate to meet their individual needs, goals and preferences;
  • respect their culture, diversity, values and beliefs
  • are responsive, timely and competent

NOSS will actively support the involvement of clients (including supported employees) and the use of independent advocates in developing individual plans, that reflect their needs, preferences, strengths and goals.

NOSS will support client participation in their chosen community.


At NOSS we believe an individual’s right to keep their personal information private is of the utmost importance.

NOSS is committed to protecting and upholding the rights of our clients to privacy in the way we collect, store and use information about them, their needs and the services we provide to them.

NOSS requires staff, volunteers and Board members to be consistent and careful in the way they manage what is written and said about individuals and how they decide who can see or hear this information.

NOSS will ensure that:

  • it meets its legal and ethical obligations as an employer and service provider in relation to protecting the privacy of clients and staff
  • clients are provided with information about their rights regarding privacy
  • clients and organisational personnel are provided with privacy when they are being interviewed or discussing matters of a personal or sensitive nature
  • all staff, board members and volunteers understand what is required in meeting these obligations


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