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NDIS Service Provider

Support at Home and in the Community

We are an NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) who offers services and support to individuals with disabilities. We assist in implementing NDIS plans, providing a range of services such as therapy, personal care, and community participation. NDIS plays a crucial role in helping participants achieve their goals and improve their overall well-being.

We heart NDIS

Everyday life:

  • personal care
  • household tasks including cooking
  • personal business including shopping or banking

Social life:

  • catching up with friends
  • going to a show or on a trip
  • playing a sport

Getting a job:

  • work experience
  • volunteering
  • support at work

Learning new skills:

  • catching a bus
  • attending a club or course
  • personal business, including banking and shopping
  • money skills
  • cooking and hospitality skills
  • housework
  • Disability employment service
  • making informed choices

Are you a school leaver?

Through NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports, we can assist you to build skills and confidence to move from school to employment.  This may include

  • Work experience in open employment
  • Job ready assessment and training
  • Transport training

We can support you to transition to independent living.

Or you might consider getting a job with us and being part of the Bluegum work crew.

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