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About NOSS

“Our vision is independence and a fulfilled life for everyone.”

Our Values

Empathy and Respect

We treat each other with care, kindness and dignity


We are professional, transparent and accountable

Empowering and Enriching

We are client focused and empower our people to be the best version of themselves


We strive for excellence through innovation and curiosity

You can become a member of NOSS

We invite people within our community committed to supporting what we do to become members of our association (according to our Constitution, this is called Ordinary Membership)

The Ordinary Membership fee is only $20.00 per year and entitles you to:

  • vote at any meeting of the Association 
  • member discounts at events advertised throughout the year.

We also have Associate Membership (no voting rights) and Organisation Membership (the member organsation’s delegate has voting rights).  If you are interested in these membership categories, please contact the NOSS office.

Our History

NOSS Tasmania was first called Northern Occupational Support Services. We commenced operation in August 1991 under the Tasmanian government’s Community Integration Project. Many of the people supported by NOSS moved from Willow Court before moving into shared homes in Launceston.

NOSS services included: community access, Bluegum Grounds Maintenance and Light Foot

NOSS started out with just 8 service users and 6 support workers. Now we support over 100 people, and employ nearly 100 support workers and 22  supported employees.

A fireman and a person in a wheelchair using a firehose.