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Community Access

We provide flexible support for you to access a wide range of activities of your choice within the community and at home whilst at the same time making new friends and becoming more independent.

  • sport and recreation such as swimming, golf, tennis, bowling, fishing
  • going to see a movie
  • attending a club or course such as Art, computers or music
  • personal business like shopping or banking
  • special events such as the Launceston Show or theatre events
  • trips to a wildlife park or the snow for example


We can help you learn new skills to become more independent.For example:

  • personal business, including banking and shopping
  • money skills
  • catching a bus
  • cooking skills
  • housework
  • making informed choices
  • NOSS provides my daughter with motivated, caring, professional and enthusiastic staff.  I know that she enjoys her time with NOSS by her eagerness to head out the door and participate in her chosen activities.  She has learnt and continues to learn new skills which she transfers into her daily life. She is also a welcomed and familiar face within the various social circles she has developed through the help of the supportive NOSS staff.


  • My brother has had some very dedicated long-term NOSS support workers. They work with allied health professionals in his team and had a big impact helping my brother continue to develop his skills and confidence in the world. We are both very grateful.


  • Thanks to the tireless efforts of NOSS and their friendly, diligent staff our son has come a long way into developing independence beyond our wildest dreams.

    We are extremely pleased with NOSS and would certainly recommend them as a provider.

    Kerry and Cheryl

  • My daughter thoroughly enjoys her time with NOSS. She continues to learn from the experiences that the caring staff offer her each week and enjoys the welcoming atmosphere that the NOSS staff create for her time with them.