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Community Access

NOSS focuses on the provision of quality individualised support of all kinds to people with a disability to pursue their chosen social, leisure, pre-vocational and vocational activities.  This includes:

  • supporting clients to find and participate in a variety of community activities including educational institutions and work based opportunities.
  • supporting clients to gain skills both in the community and in and around their own home
  • providing training in a range of areas, including numeracy, literacy, transport training, personal care, household tasks, gardening and social skills

Hours may be negotiated as required.

Activity Centre

The NOSS Activity Centre (The Red Shed), is situated at 3 Waterfront Drive, Riverside (at the rear of the Tailrace Centre).  The Centre runs a range of activities such as literacy classes, cooking classes, craft activities of various types, drama classes, singing lessons, music and dancing, computer lessons etc.  Activities are on a fee for service basis.  In addition, activities will be organised off site such as tennis, fishing etc.

After School Care

NOSS is currently developing an After School and Holiday care program which will be available at the Red Shed.  

Bluegum Grounds Maintenance

Bluegum Grounds Maintenance is a community-based work crew which provides crew members with the opportunity for employment and training in a variety of community settings.  Bluegum carries out a range of jobs, including grounds maintenance and process work.

The workcrew currently supports 24 work crew members.  The workcrew operates from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.

Finding A Job

NOSS can help if you would like to find a job through

  • Training to become work ready
  •  Helping you find a job or volunteer work


School Leaver Employment Supports

NOSS is a registered NDIS provider for SLES.  Through SLES, NOSS can assist you to build skills and confidence to move from school to employment.  This may include

  • Work experience in open employment
  • Job ready assessment and training
  • Transport training