Brush Cutting

Bluegum truckrob ride on


Bluegum is engaged in a variety of work including commercial grounds maintenance, residential gardening and process work.  It provides supported employment with award based wages in a real business situation.

Bluegum supports 24 crew members currently funded by State, Commonwealth and NDIS funding.  In the future, participants will be funded under the ADE support line in their NDIS plan.

Bluegum provides training in a range of work skills which has equipped a number of crew members to obtain open employment.   In addition to receiving training related to their work at Bluegum such as mowing, brush cutting etc, crew members learn generic work skills such as time management, work health and safety and team work. 

Bluegum provides the opportunity for  crew members to obtain accredited qualifications such as  Horticulture 1 and 2 Certificates if they wish.   

Several crew members have also had the opportunity to experience work experience through some of our commercial customers.